Snowbasin Venue Change Notice

Snowbasin Venue Change Notice

The August 12, 2017 X-country Race Has Been Moved to North Fork

We are excited about the final 3 races of Intermountain MTB Series, and hope you have enjoyed the small and meaningful changes we have made in 2017! For our final two races we head to northern Utah, and are certain that each rider will be blown away by the courses we have selected. With that said, despite commitments to have a contract complete this Spring with Snowbasin, we were only recently sent the updated terms for utilizing Snowbasin as a venue. Based on added requirements and requests, it is no longer possible to hold a race at this venue. The resort made it clear that at this point there is simply too great of a demand for other events, like weddings, to continue to allow an events like Intermountain Cup to operate.

We understand the demand, as Snowbasin is a beautiful venue. With that said, we scouted out options in the Ogden Valley that would be within 10 to 15 minutes of Snowbasin. We are happy to announce we found one with equal beauty, and better accommodations for our racers. We will be racing at North Fork Park right in the Ogden Valley. The venue is excited to have us, and they are even cutting a new parking lot to better facilitate our event. In addition, they are closing the course for the race, and the road leading up to the venue to non-participant/spectators! So, are we excited? Yes! (though that seems like an understatement).

All start times, entry fees and race categories will remain the same as previously scheduled. However, any racer who registered for the Snowbasin race prior to July 31, 2017 may receive a full refund of the entry fee if he/she is unwilling to race in the new venue. To request a refund of your entry fee, please contact Intermountain Cup management at

More information about the race can be found on the North Fork race overview.

North Fork Overview
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