Quinn and Goguely Conquer the Three Peaks Classic

Quinn and Goguely Conquer the Three Peaks Classic

Cedar City, UT – Jules Goguely and Natalie Quinn took first place in the Men’s and Women’s Elite races (respectively) at the Three Peaks Classic on May 18th.

Both Quinn and Goguely had raced at Three Peaks prior and despite the course having some slight updates, noted that knowing the first section helped them take the win. Goguely said, “I had raced in 2018 as well where I was able to also take the win, on a bit of a different course, I think the 2019 one is a bit more fun! Knowing the first half of the course was helpful in pacing my effort.”

Quinn, who has been on the top of the podium for all three Intermountain Cup Races this year, had raced the NICA championship as well as the 2018 Three Peaks Classic noted, “Having that exposure also made the race go very smoothly, since most of it was familiar.”

Goguley was followed on the Men’s Elite Podium by Andrew Connor and Jeff Bender. The Women’s Podium was Quinn in first followed by Meghan Sheridan and Nancy Russel.

Carter Anderson beat the Varsity Boy’s field sharing the podium with Jaxon Coles and Porter Mitchel who took 2nd and 3rd respectively. This is quickly becoming the race to watch with laps close to those of the Elite Men’s. Speaking of his reasoning for racing, Anderson said, “What motivates me to race is the feeling I get of race and riding hard. It’s nice to see all the hard work paying off from training all winter long.”

The Varsity Girl’s race ended with Heather Gillespie in first place, Alisha Bacon in 2nd and Mia Menlove in 3rd.

The Three Peaks Classic was the first race in years to offer a Singlespeed category. Daniel Nelson stood on top of the podium and claimed the $50 cash prize sponsored by the Mooseknuckler Cycling Alliance.

Nelson described his race, “The race was pretty vanilla as far as mechanicals and obstacles. I did lose a bottle on the second lap that I went back for, and then also stopped to pick up somebody’s Garmin head unit that had been launched during a crash, but otherwise, the race was about as mellow as it gets for being the only person in your category.”

Every race for the rest of the series will offer the Singlespeed category with a cash prize of $50 for top spot in both Men’s and Women’s fields.

The next race in the Intermountain Cup series is the Rage at Snowbird on June 29th. You can register here.

About the Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

Founded in 1991, the Intermountain Cup consists of X-country and endurance MTB races throughout Utah. With six X-country races of approximately 25 miles and one endurance race of approximately 50 miles, the series covers some of the most pristine and difficult rides in the state. With categories for kids and youth to the highly competitive elite segments, Intermountain Cup offers a competitive MTB race for every level of rider.

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