Powder Mountain Course Modification

Powder Mountain Course Modification

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Construction and conditions at Power Mountain have required us to make some slight adjustments to the course for the upcoming series finale of Intermountain Cup X-country series at Powder Mountain on August 25, 2018. The good news is that the new course includes several brand new trails in pristine condition, and with this week’s rain storms, we are expecting serious hero dirt.

However, the change will extend the course for all of the elite, expert, sport, novice men and high school categories. Where the previous course was 15 miles, the adjusted course is approximately 17 miles. If you are in a category that was originally slated for two laps (i.e. Elite men/women, varsity boys, and expert men), please complete the form below to provide your preference of one or two laps.

Please note that the lil’ shredders, shedders, junior high and novice women categories will not be affected by this change as the shorter course will remain the same.

Check out the Powder Mountain race page for a complete listing of categories, distance, start time and a revised course map.

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