Olympic Park Cancellation Notice

Olympic Park Cancellation Notice

Dear Intermountain Cup Riders,

As you know, we schedule planning and permitting six to nine months prior to the next race season. As existing trails have become busier and new ones built, we try to balance courses that have proven to be racing favorites with new courses that meet our criteria—thus giving our MTB race series variety with a different flavor each year.

Some time ago, we had contracted to host a race at the Olympic Park course in Park City. In early April, we were notified that the Olympic Park didn’t feel comfortable with having their trails ready for a late May race, so we worked with them to coordinate a date in July. Unfortunately, they have just informed us that they are not confident they will have construction done by our race date. With that we regretfully have to cancel this race.

Consequently, we will be removing the Olympic Park race from the 2017 schedule and refunding anyone who has registered. While we are as bummed as you, we remain excited about what they are doing and are working with them to get a race on for 2018.

Thanks a ton for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you on July 1 at Snowbird!

The Intermountain Cup Crew

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