2017 Intermountain Cup Review

2017 Intermountain Cup Review

2017 Season Review

I-CUPer’s, what an amazing year! Two years ago the ThresholdEvents group was formed with the specific intent to find events that we could build upon and elevate to a world-class level. In late 2015 we acquired the Intermountain Cup Racing Series, because much had been done in the prior few seasons to bring it back to relevance.

Admittedly, the first year was one in which we worked to learn what the keys-to-success were. We learned through small changes; some worked while others more than fell flat. Coming into 2017 we knew there were several keys to success that were absolutely necessary:

  1. Good courses/venues
  2. Fast and accurate results.


We hired two dedicated contractors to deliver these items: John Gill as our course advisor, and Greg Murphy (I Run Utah) for timing and live results. If you enjoyed the courses, thought they were marked well, and appreciated the new challenges associated with them, then please give John a big thank you if you bump into him on the trails over the winter.


The results after our first two races were perfect. We only had a couple results protested in all the races combined. That’s incredible! In addition, as riders crossed the line they could immediately see the results on one of two TV screens or online, and print them at the timing kiosk. This single change was recognized and called out by numerous riders as the single best improvement made by the new I-CUP team.

The 2017 Result

In 2017, We enjoyed watching record numbers of riders attend our events; including, over 70+ riders who started our Powder Mountain race in the new Boys Freshman/Sophomore High School category. From the world-class pros, to the Lil’ Shredders, we felt a sense of accomplishment as each of you rolled across the finish line.

Plans for 2018

We look forward to the 2018 season, and will work hard to continue improving the experience for each of our riders and the people supporting and watching you ride. To that end, we will send a survey to all our riders asking for feedback for next year. Watch for these exciting announcements in October:

  • A new girl’s High School category
  • 2018 courses and dates
  • Podcast and race day interviews from racers, industry experts, and some of your favorite local heroes.

We want to get ahead of the game this year, so you can each prepare for the upcoming race season – we are #sorrynotsorry for getting you amped for next season so close to the end of this current race season.

Wishing you all good dirt, beautiful mountains, and happy faces.

The I-CUP Crew

The 2017 Race Gallery

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