North Fork

North Fork

Eden, Utah
August 12, 2017

New MTB Race for 2017

The all-new Intermountain Cup course at North Fork Park in Eden, UT promises to be one of the faster rounds of the 2017 season. Tucked in the northern corner of the Ogden Valley, in the shadow of Ben Lomond Peak, this approximately seven-mile course will feature a deceiving 1280′ of climbing on each of it’s serpentine laps. The trails are largely buff and wind in and out of the woods offering views of the amazing mountain backdrop when you’re not too anaerobic to notice.

With all this punchy climbing and relatively smooth trails, the North Fork course should see some incredibly quick racing that tests the fitness of all those who come out to race. Despite being a smoother track though, the high speeds, quick turns, and sometimes loose conditions, mean that the difference between winning and losing might come down to who makes fewer small mistakes as much as who brought their climbing legs. The Intermountain Cup crew is excited to head to this all-new venue and look forward to seeing you all there!

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