Course Overview: Solitude

Pro Tips: Allaire Solitude Cup

July 29, 2017

Course Tips From Pro-Rider:
Nicole Tittensor

Course Overview

Featuring a 5.2-mile lap with approximately 800' of climbing per lap as well as a separate short start loop that leaves from the parking lot of the Moonbeam Lodge. After this .6mile start loop to spread things out, the proper mountain biking begins with a rolling traverse and climb up the Queen Bess trail to Raptor road where things widen up again and climb to the courses high point before turning and heading into a grin-inducing descent of almost all singletrack first on Kruzer and then on Serenity, one of the best descents around. The loamy dirt and rooty sections will keep you focused and having a blast before returning to the finish where you will either cross the line, or head left for another lap.

Lap Distance
5.2 Miles

Elevation Gain

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The start is up a sustained road climb that lasts a couple minutes. This is a good place to gain a strong position, but definitely not the end of your race if you don’t. At the top you take a hard right hand turn and drop into a loose and fast switchback descent, and then onto a fast, flat section that remains singletrack. Coming out of the flat singletrack, momentum is key. It takes you into one of two of the steepest climbs of the race. It is double track, so with good momentum and strong climbing you have plenty of time for passing. The two steepest climbs at the start can both be shortened in time by the momentum you take into them. Be careful of your efforts here, the climbs are steep, and overdoing it can make for a certain bonk!

Queen Bess Climb

Take a left hand turn into the singletrack, find a good rhythm and consistent pedal stroke. This will help with staying strong for the laps to come. The Queen Bess climb isn’t as steep as the first two double track climbs, but choosing good line selection around roots and rocks will help with carrying good speed throughout. This climb is about 1.5 miles long and switchbacks throughout the trees, eventually opening up into a grassy meadow-like area. When you get to the meadow, you are close to the top.

Going Down

The descent is so much fun! There are a few tricky sections along the way so a pre-ride is always very beneficial. The first half of the descent you enter into some trees that is followed by a hard, loose right hand turn with an instant uphill that can be ridden over with good speed. It has a wooden platform to help you up, but when wet or damp it can make you slide out. This is a spot worth dialing in to save a good chunk of time.

Afterwards you have some fun, flowy switchbacks and then into a straightaway singletrack that opens up to a fireroad section. A short climb up takes you right into a flat dirt road that eventually drops hard left into the last singletrack downhill. This section is filled with tree roots and tight turns where you want to be careful not to clip a bar end on a tree.

Right before you go in for your next lap there’s one last tricky section. You will come to some boulders that you have to weave your way through. This is another short, but important spot to dial in. Make your way through this and it’s just one little steep drop through some trees, and you get to do it all over again!

About Nicole Tittensor

Nicole Tittensor is in her fourth season as an elite female racer. She currently races internationally ranked races located in the United States, and is focused on climbing the ranks in the national championship race. She did her first race in April 2011 at an Intermountain Cup and has been absolutely in love with it ever since. She was able to obtain her pro card after winning the women's 19-29 marathon national champion title in 2014 at Sun Valley, Idaho. Nicole earned her first elite win at Deer Valley Intermountain Cup in 2015, and managed to fight her way into a 9th place finish at XC national championships in 2016. Her season this year has led to two podium finishes in the Pro XCT UCI series, and she finished with a top 10-finish at the XC national championships in July of 2017. Nicole is proudly sponsored by: Jans Park City, Scott Bikes, Reynolds Cycling, ESI grips, Carborocket, Hyperthreads, and Plunkett-Kuhr Designs. She is coached/mentored by her husband Zeppelin Tittensor. They travel to all her races together as privateers, and he also coincides as her mechanic and training partner.

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